Hello!Empower Your Mental Health

I’m Dr. Carolyn Trasko, PhD, LCSW, NBC-HWC, CHTP

First, I am not your typical coach or Integrative Mental Health practitioner.

As a doctor of Mind-Body Medicine, I’m a woman on a mission: To weave together and integrate the best of clinical mental health with the magic and power of spirit and energy medicine.

As you get to know me, you will learn that I see you as a whole person, and not just a list of symptoms. You could be the president of a corporation struggling with burnout, or a depressed and anxious single mom struggling with relationships.

To me, YOU are a divine being, doing your best to thrive in this life.

And…YOU don’t have to do this alone!

Together we go on a journey starting with the root-cause of your suffering, (which is usually some type of childhood trauma), and then we go deeper to transform your past into the brightest future you could imagine.

My clients constantly surprise and inspire me with the resilience of their human spirit. They are living examples of how, with the right guidance and care, the mind and body can heal and remain in a state of balance.

Let’s connect. 

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All of my programs and services have been developed utilizing a mind, body, brain, and spirit perspective.  The programs have been crafted to meet the specific needs of men and women who suffer from chronic stress due to a life-changing medical diagnosis or trauma. The content of the programs is updated regularly as the Integrative Mental Health field is an emerging field of integrative medicine including advanced research studies showing the effectiveness of many mind-body wellness strategies.

My method offers a way for you to dive deep to the base of your personal iceberg, to get to the root of your struggles, supporting you once and for all to release whatever has been holding you back. Many clients I have worked with struggled with intensely negative self-beliefs, such as “I am broken,” and have learned effective ways to heal these deep inner wounds empowering them to move along their health journey from surviving to thriving, letting go of what no longer served them.

I help women and men like you, who are ready to commit to creating a daily self-care plan that supports you to feel healthier emotionally and physically for the long term, unlike quick fixes or life hack approaches, because your health and mental well-being are worth investing the time and effort that are required to create lasting change.  A personalized self-care plan crafted to nurture your mind, body, brain, and spirit can help you to find your rhythm. This specialized plan, sets the stage for optimal healing, while the 1:1 health coaching helps you recognize how your illness or trauma has served as a transition in your life.  By reviewing the multiple aspects of wellness in your life, along with assessing your readiness to make changes in these important lifestyle areas, you will clear your path to increased vitality and improved wellness.

Through our work together, you will experience a “knowledge is power” perspective that takes what often appears as complicated information from psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and medicine, and cuts through the hype, making the content more user-friendly so that you can begin to implement the suggested lifestyle changes immediately.

Clients who took part in this approach have shared how they experienced more insight, an increased belief in their ability to heal from what ails them, and positive changes in their mindset in how they thought and in the way they felt each day. They learned how to overcome their obstacles of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and procrastination to improve the relationship between their mind, body, and spirit, allowing them to experience less stress, pain, depression, and anxiety.